The connected shoe for independent seniors




We’ve invented E-vone the first connected shoe for reduced autonomy seniors.
In the case of a fall followed by immobility, in their house or outside, the shoe immediately triggers a pre-programmed alarm. Now Seniors can really venture forth : it functions in more than 120 countries !

Made in France

100% Made in France in the Maine et Loire region

Excellence in shoe-making

Our mission ? Protection.

Alarm System

Our vocation ? Connecting the wearer to helpers.

Happy Senior

40 years of expertise in comfort and security.
A simple method for faultless protection


To come and go as one pleases, and inform one’s relatives automatically if a problem arises; this is what the connected shoe E-vone makes possible.


The truth innovation is hidden inside the shoe’s sole. An innovative electronic device captures the person’s movements. In the case of an abnormal situation, for example a fall, the shoe automatically sends an alert message to friends, family, or the emergency services with ultra-precise geolocalisation.


This device includes a GSM (for autonomous communication in more than 120 countries) a GPS (for geo-localization), different movement sensors (gyroscope, accelerometer, pressure sensors) and finally, a vibration point to inform and reassure the wearer.


E-vone is a winner !
E.vone won the Silver Eco innovation award 2017.

E.vone sets off to conquer the world !


E-vone, is our mother in law?


She’s just turned 79, and lives alone and enjoys life to the full. She can’t keep and adores travelling : Martinique, Spain, Italy, or simply her local woods. When she reaches her destination she always calls us to tell us what she’s been, how the weather is, and what her plans are. This reassures us a little, but not much, because last month she took a fall in her garden. Worried, we wanted to get her tele-assistance system, but she likes her freedom far too much to stay cooped up inside her house.

So who is behind E-vone ?


Behind E-vone is a highly motivated and professional team that maintains a start-up in order to approach this new market with a fresh outlook, and to avoid turning this ultra-innovative, Silver Night 2017 award wining product (Silver Economy Innovation Trophy) into something boring.




The perfect son-in-law

A veritable chieftain, he has carried this innovative project which is directly inspired by his own experience.


E-vone's Bobo neighbour

A product expert


E-vone's spoilt rotten daughter

A social butterfly with a knack for PR, she develops E-vone’s network


E-vone's grandson

An inventor, he goes from idea to concept and from concept to prototype.


E-vone's third husband

An outstanding negotiator, he is the key to promoting E-vone around the world


E-vone's yoga teacher

Data centric, he chooses the best technology to apply to each function.
In a few numbers

Seniors in France


Models and variations

Steps for a World Tour

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E-vone’s Team